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Стартует Spring Split PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2020 (PMCO 2020)

После того, как более 42 000 команд со всего мира зарегистрировались и участвовали в онлайн-отборочных соревнованиях, стартует Spring Split PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2020 (PMCO 2020) с официальным следующим раундом.

Игры — Games: PS4, PS5, PlayStation, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PS VR, PS Vita, Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xb1, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, NSW, Mobile, iOS, Android, Google Stadia, ПК, PC, Steam, Epic Games Store, Windows

PMCO 2020 имеет призовой фонд в 1 миллион долларов.

Матчи группового этапа начнутся в Индии и Южной Азии, а затем в других регионах до начала марта пройдут дополнительные матчи.

В этом году PMCO охватывает все больше стран и регионов, тем самым создавая новые шансы для новых команд начать свой киберспортивный путь к славе.

График группового этапа PMCO 2020 включает в себя:

  • Индия и Южная Азия: пятница, 7 февраля – среда, 12 февраля
  • Бразилия и Латинская Америка: с понедельника, 10 февраля по субботу, 15 февраля
  • Пакистан и Wild Card: среда, 19 февраля – пятница, 21 февраля и понедельник, 24 февраля – среда, 26 февраля
  • Северная Америка, Ближний Восток и Африка: со вторника, 18 февраля, по воскресенье, 23 февраля
  • Россия | СНГ, Германия и Ирак: вторник, 3 марта, воскресенье, 8 марта
  • Европа, Турция и Саудовская Аравия: вторник, 17 марта – воскресенье, 22 марта

Поклонники PUBG MOBILE могут следить за всеми событиями в прямом эфире через официальный канал YouTube PUBG MOBILE Esports. В Юго-Восточной Азии, начиная с пятницы, 14 февраля, будет проводиться PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL) .

PMCO – это входные ворота, которые дают всем игрокам от любительского, полупрофессионального до профессионального уровня шанс начать свой киберспортивный путь к славе.

Лучшие команды, вышедшие из различных PMCO, получат возможность пройти квалификацию в PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL) и PUBG MOBILE World League (PMWL) и даже пробиться на чемпионат мира PUBG MOBILE (PMWC).

Помимо большой чести, круглогодичные киберспортивные турниры имеют беспрецедентный общий призовой фонд в размере 5 миллионов долларов США, что удваивает общий призовой фонд прошлогодней программы.

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Anyoption Werbung 2020 Einlagenschutz & Mobile Apps

As the leading mobile data and analytics company helping brands and publishers win on mobile, we are excited to share The State of Mobile 2020 report. This annual appraisal provides insight into mobile’s expansive impact across industries and the global economy, highlighting publishers and brands that are outperforming their peers.

Download the industry’s leading mobile report covering everything you need to know about how to win on mobile in 2020, including:

  • Mobile Took Over Mind Share: Consumers averaged 3 hours and 40 minutes on mobile in 2020, up 35% since 2020—companies from every vertical are benefitting by making mobile the center of their digital transformation investments.
  • Mobile Games Reach 56% Market Share: Spend on mobile games across all app stores projected to top $100 billion in 2020.
  • Massive Year for Mobile Advertising: Brands continue to embrace the unprecedented reach and value of mobile. Advertisers will pour more than $240 billion into ad spend in 2020—up 26% from 2020.
  • Video Streaming Wars Heat Up: Nearly 25% of Netflix’s iPhone users also used Disney+ in Q4 2020, the highest overlap of users among top video streaming apps in the US, demonstrating consumers pay for multiple services.

Ready to take your mobile performance to the next level? Download The State of Mobile 2020 Report.

Anyoption Werbung 2020 Einlagenschutz & Mobile Apps

GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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This is the code repository for Intelligent-Mobile-Projects-with-TensorFlow, published by Packt. It contains all the supporting project files necessary to work through the book from start to finish.

As a developer, you always need to keep an eye out and be ready for what will be trending soon, while also focusing on what’s trending currently. So, what’s better than learning about the integration of the best of both worlds, the present and the future? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely regarded as the next big thing after mobile, and Google’s TensorFlow is the leading open source machine learning framework, the hottest branch of AI. This book covers more than 10 complete iOS, Android, and Raspberry Pi apps powered by TensorFlow and built from scratch, running all kinds of cool TensorFlow models offline on-device: from computer vision, speech and language processing to generative adversarial networks and AlphaZero-like deep reinforcement learning. You’ll learn how to use or retrain existing TensorFlow models, build your own models, and develop intelligent mobile apps running those TensorFlow models. You’ll learn how to quickly build such apps with step-by-step tutorials and how to avoid many pitfalls in the process with lots of hard-earned troubleshooting tips.

Instructions and Navigation

All of the code is organized into folders. Each folder starts with a number followed by the application name. For example, Chapter02.

The code will look like the following:

We recommend that you start with reading the first four chapters in order, along with running the accompanying iOS and Android apps available from the book’s source code repository at That’ll help you ensure that you have the development environments all set up for TensorFlow mobile app development and that you know how to integrate TensorFlow into your own iOS and/or Android apps. If you’re an iOS developer, you’ll also learn how to use Objective-C or Swift with TensorFlow, and when and how to use the TensorFlow pod or the manual TensorFlow iOS library.

Then, if you need to build a custom TensorFlow Android library, go to Chapter 7, Recognizing Drawing with CNN and LSTM, and if you want to learn how to use a Keras model in your mobile app, check out Chapter 8, Predicting Stock Price with RNN, and Chapter 10, Building an AlphaZero-like Mobile Game App.

If you’re more interested in TensorFlow Lite or Core ML, read Chapter 11, Using TensorFlow Lite and Core ML on Mobile, and if you’re most interested in TensorFlow on Raspberry Pi, or reinforcement learning in TensorFlow, jump to Chapter 12, Developing TensorFlow Apps on Raspberry Pi.

Other than that, you can go through chapters 5 to 10 in order to see how to train different kinds of CNN, RNN, LSTM, GAN, and AlphaZero models and how to use them on mobile, maybe running the iOS and/or Android apps for each chapter before looking into the detailed implementation. Alternatively, you can jump directly to any chapter with the model you’re most interested in; just be aware that a later chapter may refer to an earlier chapter for some duplicated details, such as steps of adding a TensorFlow custom iOS library to your iOS app, or fixing some model loading or running errors by building a TensorFlow custom library. However, rest assured that you won’t be lost, or at least we’ve done our best to provide user-friendly and step-by-step tutorials, with occasional references to some steps of previous tutorials, to help you avoid all possible pitfalls you may encounter when building mobile TensorFlow apps, while also avoiding repeating ourselves.

Best small business apps in 2020: mobile software for SMBs on the go

By Nate Drake , Brian Turner 04 February 2020

Maximize your SMB’s efficiency with these awesome tools

Small business owners are no strangers to operating on a shoestring. Any small changes you can make in terms of efficiency may transform into a huge advantage over your competitors.

While there is no shortage of comprehensive business solutions and services online offering all manner of diverse features, these are often overkill for managing small companies.

There’s everything from calendar apps to networking apps, and a whole host of free cloud apps.

In this guide, we’ve focused on the most useful applications for SMBs (small to medium businesses). All of these either offer a free tier or represent excellent value for money. Further premium features are often available as your business grows.

When considering new apps, take some time to reflect on current business practises. For instance, if you currently use spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel to create expense reports, consider employing Expensify instead. This automates the process for you by integrating with popular travel apps like Uber.

  • We’ve also highlighted the best web hosting services for small businesses
  • Want your company or services to be considered for this buyer’s guide? Please email your request to [email protected] with the URL of the buying guide in the subject line.

Best apps for small businesses – at a glance

  1. Office 365
  2. RingCentral Office
  3. Freshbooks
  4. Avast Business Antivirus Pro
  5. Paypal
  6. HubSpot
  7. Asana
  8. IDrive cloud storage

1. Office 365

The definitive office software platform

There are many different office software platforms, but despite fierce competition on price and features, Microsoft’s Office 365 remains the leading suite and must-buy for small business, and ranks as our best small business software.

You may remember the days when Microsoft Office was something you bought as a software package and installed on your PC. While that still remains possible, the most useful form is the web app version of Office 365, as that means everything runs from the cloud and is saved in the cloud, and you can also use you mobile devices to login and use it. As it’s web-based, this means you can also use it on Mac as well as on PC.

Office 365 includes the 3 big office software apps you’re going to need: Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. OneDrive is also available for online backups as part of the part and worth using, even if you already use another cloud provider such as Google Drive or Drop Box – keeping your data safe is key and there’s no harm in having multiple backup options.

Then there are the other software applications included in Office 365, such as Outlook (online version), and for PC use only there are also Publisher and Access. Skype is also bundled in, though you can download and use this as a standalone product anyway.

As mentioned previously, there are alternatives to Microsoft Office, but the simple fact is that they are not as good. Features tend to be far more limited, and there can be problems converting core office files to alternative formats, which you absolutely do not need the stress of dealing with when running your own business.

There are a couple of different editions you can buy. If you only need a package for yourself, a personal edition will cost $6.99 (£5.99) per month, or discounted to $69.99 (£59.99) if you pay for a yearly subscription. You can also buy a package for up to 6 users and therefore cover your office staff, and that is priced at $9.99 (£7.99) per month, or discounted to $99.99 (£79.99) if paid for annually.

For enterprise users, Office 365 Business is available from $8.25 (£7.90) per month on an annual contract, and comes with the most common – and essential – apps, while Office 365 Business Premium starts from $12.50 (£9.40) per month when paid annually, and comes with a lot of additional corporate service and management options.

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