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Vortex Binary options trading strategy


The VORTEX binary options trading strategy generates signals based on Donchian Channels and SMI Ergodic with 68% to 72% win rate. This strategy is designed to work with 10min expiry time, although you may use other expiry times as well. To do so, switch the asset chart to the desirable time frame and select the option expiry time accordingly.

Key Features

Difficulty Level 60%
Expiry Time 10min
Strategy Type Indicators
Win Rate 68%-72%
Key Tools Vortex Indicator,
True Strength Indicator

The owners of this website shall not be liable for any losses, whether direct, indirect, consequential, or otherwise, arising from or in relation to using the strategies thereof. Any content published on this website is provided free of charge and for educational and information purposes only.

1 Open an Account to Start Using This Strategy

2 Set up Your Chart

Open Tradingview.com to start trading with the Vortex Strategy.

Select the asset you want to trade.

Switch to 1 minute time frame.

3 Apply the Indicators to Your Chart

Add the following technical indicators:

    Vortex Indicator True Strength Indicator

Here is how your chart will look like when you apply the indicators:

4 Get Trading Signals

  1. The red Vortex line crosses the blue one from top to bottom
  2. The True Strength lines cross bottom-up.

Once you’ve got these signals, wait for the current candle to close and buy a CALL option.

  1. The red Vortex line crosses the blue one bottom up
  2. The True Strength lines cross from top to bottom

Beste Broker fur Binare Optionen 2020:
  • Binarium

    Der beste Broker fur binare Optionen fur 2020!
    Ideal fur Anfanger!
    Kostenloser Unterricht!

  • FinMax

    2 Platz in der Rangliste! Zuverlassiger Broker!

Once you’ve got these signals, wait for the current candle to close and buy a PUT option.

5 Select Assets, Options, and Expiry Times

This strategy works well with volatile instruments, such as Forex currency pairs. Trade regular binary options. with 15-minute expiry times.

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Money Management Rules

As a binary options trader, you should always keep the risks in mind. This is why your investment amount should not exceed 2% of your account balance. Despite all our strategies being quite effective (around 65%-75% win rate), you should still stick to that 2% rule. To comply with this rule, however, you need to have an appropriate account balance, which should be at least 50 times bigger than the minimum investment amount allowed by the broker. To minimize your risks, you may want to check out our Binary Options Trading Risk Management article.

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Open an account with a trusted broker. These three brokers show the best strategy trading results, while all withdrawals are hassle-free. All these brokers are duly licensed and regulated by financial authorities.

Alex Ladko Binary Options Expert, Binaryoptionclass.com Owner

Handy Tools for High-Yield Strategy Trading

Risk Management

Download our risk management tips for successful binary options trading.

Strategy Description

Generate and download a handy PDF with strategy description. Now you can take it with you, no matter where you are!

Asset Charts

Use the best charting options and apply tech analysis tools.

Get Started Now!

Now you know everything you need to start trading, and you’ve got all necessary tools.
Get determined and start practicing to be successful. Just go for it!

Start trading binary options by opening an account with a regulated and trusted broker.

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Risk Warning: Trading binary options and contracts for difference (CFD’s) carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. You may lose your entire investment. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

How Auto Trading Can Simplify Your Binary Options Activity

For people who haven’t been on the binary options trading market for years, as well as for those who are first time users, we have some news – the trading experience with binaries has started to change every single day recently. By evolving new techniques, features and innovations, global binary options and financial services providers do their best in order to satisfy the trading audience, which demands better and better trading conditions. As a result of this process of “demand and supply”, many new modern modifications have been included in the standard trading activity with binaries. Among them, auto trading, or robot trading, seems to be on top of the best binary options trading strategies list.

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What Exactly Is Auto Trading or Robot Trading with Binary Options?

To consider whether auto trading is suitable for you, you should first become aware of its nature and application. Note that auto trading or robot trading is a common approach to trading in general, but in the field of binaries, it has gained popularity very quickly. What we can say about auto trading in short is that this is a method of trading that simplifies your entire activity on the market. This approach literally excludes your personal actions – and respectively reactions, when a change has hit the market and shaken it up – instead of the trader. You must have guessed by now, then, that auto trading with binary options is actually a robotic method. It is presented as software that allows you to have a break from binaries, but still to potentially gain profits from them. Be aware that auto trading software types are numerous. This is not a certain strategy for trading that is focused on one single and particular platform or website. There are many financial services providers (and developer teams) that offer their own auto trading or robot trading binary options software products. The one you should choose should correspond to your personal needs and level in trading in general. Make sure you select the best one!

How Does Auto Trading Software Work?

The auto trading robot software replaces you from the market with binary options and trades instead of you, while you are gone, at work, at a holiday and etc. To perform this task in the best way, the software must be highly intellectual and most developers that have been susscessful in developing such platforms simply use the algorithm approach. This is the way that the binary options auto trading technique works in few words. Check out in a few steps how you can use auto trading software, too:

  • Find a decent and reliable auto trading software platform.
  • Read the software specifications to know whether it has something non-standard or extra ordinary in its application in binary options field.
  • Become aware of the terms and conditions for using the auto trading binary options software you have chosen. Attention – some of these platforms are paid, so make up your mind as to whether you are willing to pay for such a convenience.
  • Download the software (mostly in .exe file) and install it on your device. Keep in mind that mobile binary options trading is possible and you can install the tool on your mobile device as well.
  • You can also look for a web-based auto trading or robot trading tool. It appears as an extension to your browser – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and etc. Both – web-based and installation-requiring auto trading software types work similarly once you generate them on your PC or mobile device.
  • Turn on the auto trading tool, so it can detect the necessary buttons for trading directly on the broker you are a member of.
  • When the software “realises” that a chance for binary options trading is beneficial, it will click instead of you to make a trade – in the same way as you would do it manually on your device.
  • Some auto trading tools create advantageous strategies for the customers. And at some point you might be asked several questions, so the tool can “figure it out” whether to apply this system.

To Use Auto Trading System with Binary Options, Or Not to Use?

Yes, indeed, this is the question… A beginner in trading with binaries is in most cases highly motivated to use it. And if you are such a beginner, it is definitely recommended for you to give it a try. The fact that you are not so into the trading tricks and little secrets for more profits yet, puts you in the list of weak traders. In order to advance and reach the rest, using an auto trading tool could be very helpful. Meanwhile, by reviewing the actions of the software you can eventually become capable in building your own future binary options trading strategies. As to the downside of auto trading, it was considered a fraud a few years ago. There are still a few concerns with some of the platforms, however the reputable and long term providers that have survived the test of time are usually the best option. See our list of biggest benefits of using auto trading tools now and consider it for yourself:

  • Increases your potential to win and to take advantage of all the good binary options trading opportunities – including when you are off the market and too busy to trade.
  • Risk control and management that a person is rarely capable to achieve.
  • Possibility to exclude the emotional part of the trading experience, which appears to be the weak side in your money-making activity.
  • Flexibility and freedom to adjust your personal schedule with your trading goals.
  • Discharges you from the duty to read dozens of market analyses in order to form your binary options strategy.

Our Specially Tailored Tips on Finding Reliable Auto Trading Binary Options Software or Web-based Tool

If you have already made up your mind, then it`s time for you to find your auto trading software. The good news is that the web is full of them, but the bad news is that you might get a little bit confused due to this large choice. To avoid emotional mistakes, while selecting a trustworthy tool to rely on, we can offer you some helpful tips. Read them and start your search of binary options trading software immediately:

  • Know what you are looking for: including whether you prefer a paid, or free tool, as well as if you are keen on web-based extensions and tools, or the old, but gold programs for installation.
  • Filter your search in the web according to the previously mentioned features (and add some more of them, if you have them). See the first results and make a list of them.
  • Continue with research of the listed binary options trading tools. You can ask a friend, who is more familiar in the field, or try to find some additional information about the particular auto trading software – forums, feedback from real clients, reviews, blogs for trading communities and etc.
  • Try few of the options, so you can eventually choose the best one. Be aware that without testing you will not be able to make a proper comparison. Eventually, you may come upon on a bad trading tool and you will be disappointed by this technique in general. Don’t be discouraged, because it offers a great number of worthwhile benefits.

It`s all about speed and fast reaction about the market changes in binary options trading. If you are not able to provide these qualities for your personal activity, you may not be able to generate profits. The auto trading opportunity – whether as installed software on your device, or an extension in your favourite browser – can increase your speed and become your method of a good final outcome. It`s like having a partner, who`s going to substitute for you when you are not in the mood for trading. And you don’t even have to educate him in anything. Auto trading software does what you do and may make it even greater and more profitable! So, please consider it.

7 Binary Options

There as so many new binary options automated trading systems available anymore. How does one know if they are accurate or not? The key is to do some research and read online reviews, such as our review on BinaryOptionAutoTrading, a fairly new trading system that is sweeping across the internet like wildfire.

What is BinaryOptionAutoTrading?

BinaryOptionAutoTrading is a fully automated trading system that promises to give traders a high return rate, as well as the ability to control a wide variety of trading parameters and settings. The system will generate trading signals by analyzing the current market situation and informing traders when they find a trade that they deem as profitable. Because the system is fully automated, it is easy for someone who is fairly new to the world of binary options trading to be able to easily use this system.

How to Get Started

To register with this trading system, you must create an account and then register with one of their recommended binary options brokers. You will then be required to make a minimum deposit of at least $250 before you can access the software. Once you have done so, you can set your trading parameters and the system will make trades on your behalf. Once you start to earn money, you will be able to withdraw it according to the guidelines established by your broker.

Special Features

BinaryOptionAutoTrading is very easy to use. However, it is always beneficial to have some kind of understanding about binary options trading before signing up with a system. It’s better to have some knowledge than to just blindly follow their advice.

The average win rate with this system is around 75-80%, which is about the norm. While we couldn’t find a lot of complaints about this system, we didn’t find any rave reviews either. We feel that more time is needed before we can form a solid opinion about this trading platform. We did ask a few questions of their customer support team and received a timely response, so at least we can give their customer service department at thumbs up. They were very knowledge and professional and answered all of our questions to our general satisfaction.

Is BinaryOptionAutoTrading a Scam?

While we don’t think that this service is a scam, we are certain that one can find a more trustworthy trading system. There are just too many conflicting reviews for us to form an opinion one way or the other. There has been some success, according to traders, but there are other systems available that have a higher success rate. The system is user-friendly, however. We feel that if you choose to trade with this automated system, that you do so at your own risk.

Final Conclusion

As of this review, we do not believe that BinaryOptionAutoTrading is a scam, we can safely recommend this trading system. Binary options trading always involves an element of risk, as is the case with any type of financial trading, so we advised that you proceed with caution as always


  • User-friendly website
  • 100% automated trading system


  • Traders musts sign with one of the brokers recommended by the site

7 Binary Options review: BinaryOptionAutoTrading Review : 4,5 stars.

Binary Strategy – Elite Binary Options Trading Signal


✓ У стратегии очень простой процесс, чтобы заработать вам деньги.
✓ Вам отправляются точные сигналы, которые сообщают вам направление сделки, актив и время истечения в информационном окне алерта.
✓ Сигналы можно получать на свой ПК, MAC, телефон или электронную почту.
✓ Получив сигнал бинарной стратегии, вы открываете сделку вручную и получаете деньги.
✓ Не забывайте поставить галочку импорт dll при установке на график

Сигналов на истории нет! Они появляются в реальном времени.

Beste Broker fur Binare Optionen 2020:
  • Binarium

    Der beste Broker fur binare Optionen fur 2020!
    Ideal fur Anfanger!
    Kostenloser Unterricht!

  • FinMax

    2 Platz in der Rangliste! Zuverlassiger Broker!

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